Röck, Karl
(3/20/1883, Imst - 6/9/1954, Innsbruck)

Poet, language researcher, and made his career as a civil servant. A co-worker on the magazine “Brenner” who besides the publisher Ludwig von Ficker and Karl Borromaeus Heinrich had the most intense grapples with Trakl. He kept a regular diary recording his literary and human interests that included Trakl after he became acquainted with him on 6/17/1912.

In comparison to the rather glorified picture of Trakl that was maintained within the “Brenner” circles, particularly after his death, Röck also noted his cold and repulsive facets, even suffering two temporary fallings-out with him (“he did not know kind feelings”). The friendly connection continued between them despite the documented tension and reveals itself in the dedication of the poem “An Autmn Evening”.
At the end of 1913, he arranged the mature texts in chronological order with the assistance of Trakl. He brought this information with him to the first edition of the complete poetical works of Georg Trakl which he edited and were published by the Kurt Wolff publishing house in 1919. This brings the texts into a grouping that through Trakl's guidance deviates from the order of the published volumes “Poems” (1913) and “Sebastian in Dream” (1915).
Nevertheless Röck's sequence remained definitive up until the 1969 historical-critical edition by Killy/Szklenar.