Karl Kraus

To Georg Trakl as a thank-you for the poem "Psalm" (in the magazine "The Torch"):

Children born in the seventh month are the only ones, whose view makes the parents responsible, when they sit there beside the robbed like caught thieves. They have the view that reclaims what was taken from them, and when their thinking is interrupted, then it is as if it sought the remainder and they stare back at the failure. There are others who think such a view is acceptable, but in their view they would like chaos to refund what they have received too much of. These are the perfect ones who became finished when it was too late. They came into the world with a cry of shame that leaves them only one, first, last feeling: back into your body, oh mother, where it was good!

Trakl answered in a telegram.


He wrote in his magazine "The Torch" about "Der Brenner" (the 'revue' by Ludwig von Ficker):

That the only honest revue in Austria appears in Innsbruck, one, if not already in Austria, should know however in Germany, its only honest revue also appears in Innsbruck.