Hauer, Karl (Author)
(1875, Gmunden -1919)

A bohemian and bogeyman from wealthy Salzburg parents, who befriended Trakl in 1911 in a lose circle called the “Literature and Art Association of Pan.” He seems to have followed readily into dissipations of all kinds.
Hauer's publications (1910 the collected essays “Of Happy and Unhappy People”) bear testimony to a sharp intelligence in their tendencies toward cultural and societal criticism. He supplied frequent contributions to the Viennese magazine “The Torch” and probably made the first contacts on Trakl's behalf with the writer and “Torch” publisher Karl Kraus as well as the architect Adolf Loos. Trakl was connected with them in a friendly manner starting from 1913 in Vienna, while Hauer remained an episode for him, despite the dedication of the poem “All Soul's Day”. Just as brilliant as morbid, he succumbed in 1919 to tuberculosis.