Links on Trakl


A short biography with several details and some links.
20 poems of Trakl, translated by Bly and James Wright. One of the first books to introduce Trakl to English readers.
A listing of the poems by Trakl that have been used by composers.


The Site of the "Brennerarchiv" offers a survey about the actual Innsbrucker Complete Edition and a list of Trakl's bequeath.
Reproductions of Trakls poetry in the "Brenner".
A competent collection of links.
The complete work (in German) to be downloaded free as e-book.
The Otto Müller publishing house in Salzburg with some studies about Trakl.
Short biography and collection of texts.
Short biography and collection of texts.
An essay about the connections between Nietzsche and Trakl.
A student study about Trakls "Psalm" and Gryphius´"Reiß Erde! reiß entzwei".
A student study about "Franz Fühmann´s work about Georg Trakl".
A little site about the Trakl memorial place in Salzburg.
Research on Trakl's time in Krakow with photos.
Trakl in Russian.
A few texts and some information.
A cinematic-musical project of the Polish group Klandestein with Torsten Reiprich about Trakl's last poem Grodek.
The presentation-site of the artistic project Synthasis, which dedicates itself mainly to musical versions of Trakl's texts emphasizing electronic instruments.
Information about the highly recommended audio book "Offenbarung und Untergang. Fühmanns Kontroverse mit Trakl".