Buschbeck, Erhard
(1/6/1889, Salzburg - 9/2/1960, Vienna)

Came from the Salzburg Protestant minority like Georg, and while in grade school developed a friendship with the poet. He describes the first meeting with Trakl around 1896 . During grade school among other things he developed a friendship, a poet's and friend's circle still with Minnich, Kalmár, and Schwab. Buschbeck helped Georg establish national contacts for the benefit of Georg's poetical works, before he followed him to Vienna starting from 1909 and began law studies.

There he joined “The Academic Federation of Literature and Music”, which he led from 1911. Nearly all of Trakl's acquaintances in the avant-garde arts scene, and his publications until 1912 are owed at least indirectly to Buschbeck's efforts. This applies to the magazine Der Brenner, where he promoted Trakl's interests through friend Robert Müller . After numerous publications there and his entry into the inner circle around Ludwig von Ficker , Trakl suddenly broke * off their correspondence in 1913. The reason was probably a short affair with Georg's sister Gretl, who had already long wooed Buschbeck. Up to Georg's death in November 1914, they apparently had no more contact.
In 1917, Buschbeck published his memories of Trakl and a short memorial from the New Youth Publishing House entitled "Georg Trakl".
Starting from 1918, Buschbeck was active as a dramatic advisor at the Viennese Burgtheater, published additional books concerning literature and theatre, received a Professorship and became at last an honorary member.
In 1939, he published Trakl's youthful poems and prose works under the title “From the Golden Chalice”.
The closeness of the relationship between Buschbeck and the poet is documented besides the numerous letters from youth also by the dedication of the poem “ Three Gazes into an Opal ”.