Kalmár, Karl von
(1887, Roznawa - 1958, Vienna)

A schoolmate of Georg from his Protestant religious education. Together with Erhard Buschbeck and Oskar Vonwiller, they formed an active discussion circle during his High School years that was concerned with questions of literature and world view. From 1905 at the latest, Kalmár lived in Vienna , where he invited Trakl for a visit in this year. He gave notice in a letter , which like another from the subsequent year of 1906 , testifies that the bond of trust extended beyond aesthetic questions.
During the time of Trakl's Viennese study and military service from 1908-11, Kalmár along with Karl Minnich and Gustav Schwab were the only regular contacts he maintained other than his friend Buschbeck, who endeavored almost unsuccessfully to find useful acquaintances.
A postcard written in Salzburg to Kalmár is preserved from the 1909 holidays. Afterwards no further contacts between the two are known; Kalmár became a bank clerk and died in 1958 in Vienna.