Trakl, Friedrich
(known as Fritz, 2/27/1890 – 11/13/1957, Salzburg)

Excerpts from an interview about his brother and his parents' house:

Georg was a child like most of us, merry, wild and healthy.

We were pretty well off; we had a large dwelling and lived in a comfortable and natural ease, which no one can imagine anymore today.

We clung to our French Governess and our father. Mother worried more about her antique collections than us. She was a cool, reserved woman; she provided properly for us, but the warmth was missing. She felt misunderstood, from her husband, from her children, and from the whole world. She only considered herself fortunate if she remained alone with her collections – she would withdraw into herself in these rooms for several days at a time.
We children were somewhat sad about it, because the longer her passion lasted, the more rooms became taboo for us.