Trakl, Tobias
(6/11/1837, Oedenburg/Western Hungary - 6/18/1910, Salzburg)

Georg Trakl's father was of Hungarian-German origins with Protestant roots. He was the youngest of 13 children of the buyer Georg Trackel (born 1795), his mother, Katharina Tremmel, widowed Laitner, was the second wife. For commercial training, Tobias went to Wiener Neustadt; there he married Valentine Goetz (1841 1870), who bore him Wilhelm (5/17/1868). After her death, he married Maria Catherina Halik in 1878 and moved to Salzburg, where he made his living as a hardware merchant.

as a young man

Six children resulted from this marriage and came into the world in several dwellings, starting from 1883 in the Schaffner house at the Waagplatz NR. 2: Gustav (6/25/1880), Maria (12/211882), Hermine (6/71884), Georg (2/3/1887), Friedrich (2/27/1890) and Margarete (8/8/1891).
In 1893, the family moved to Waagplatz NR. 3, a roomier dwelling above a large hardware store. His death in 1910 meant a sudden end for the family's business success. In 1913 his company was dissolved.
Tobias Trakl is described by acquaintances as affable, and possessed a happy, uncomplicated nature. He enjoyed a reputation in Salzburg as a man of means and one deserving of respect.