Trakl, Maria Catherina
5/17/1852, Wiener Neustadt - 10/26/1925, Salzburg)

Georg Trakl's mother; her father August Halik came from Prague, was married since 1846 in Wiener Neustadt to Anna Schod. The daughter Maria married Tobias Trakl in 1878 and took her mother with them to Salzburg, where she brought six children to the world:
Gustav (6/25/1880), Maria (12/21/1882), Hermine (6/7/1884), Georg (2/3/1887), Friedrich (2/27/1890) and Margarethe (8/8/1891). Whether she gave up her Catholicism in favor of her Protestant husband is unclear.

In the information provided by Friedrich , she appears as opaque, a self-absorbed personality, who fancies herself misunderstood. She supervised the musical training of her six children and brought the influence of culture and the arts to the family. But she was not suited by nature to provide motherly nurturing, which the children received from their Governess Marie Boring. Maria Trakl frequently withdrew, sometimes for days, into reserved rooms, where she busied herself with collecting and restoring antiques. The tensions which resulted from this behavior seemed to have festered below the surface rather than ever having broken out openly.